Erotic services in Paris
14 Oct 2020

I am available to host day and night at my quiet & comfortable private residence both day and night. I offer an extensive list of services to accommodate any client’s wishes. I can often accomodate same day plans, sometimes with as little as an hour’s advance notice.

I want to give you my authentically ethusiastic attention, so that means you can make or break our visit with your own behavior and attitude. When I feel safe, appreciated, and comfortable, I am able to offer you my very best sex in Paris. I am quick to decline taking on a new client if I don’t feel respected.

Once I get to know you we will carry on like long-lost friends. I love to laugh and make light of the silly things in life. I am a free spirit and always open to new experiences and travel to new places. Rates are not negotiable so please be respectful. Tips Are Welcome! I have an upscale discreet location. You can text or email to schedule an appointment with me.